An Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Session, sometimes referred to as an “Activated Oxygen” Session, is one of the most effective methods of both detoxifying and oxygenating the body. Ozone Therapy has been in use in medical applications since the early 1900s. It is used around the world in countries like Germany, Russia, India, and Canada. Ozone Therapy helps support the body's natural defensive metabolic processes by killing all pathogens through oxidation and by enhancing all natural cell processes, specifically the KREBS Cycle.



- The destruction of ALL bacterial and viral pathogens, while purging the body of toxins that have been bio-accumulating for years.

- Cleans, purifies, and alkalizes the blood, naturally pH-balancing the body (up to 2.5 points for 24-36 hours after 1 session).

- Enhances oxygenation and nutrient delivery within the body (KREBS/ATP), promoting healthy circulation and healing.

- Immediately reduces inflammation, which allows for faster recovery and healing through improved circulation.

- Anti-aging benefits by stimulating cell production and generation through pure oxygen infusion at the cellular level.

- Burns about 400 calories per 25-minute session, which allows for melting away excess body fat as well as plaque build-up on veins and arteries.

Allen G. Rikke II


Allen G. Rikke II founded O3ZONE Therapy Services on October 17, 2013. He opened the first-ever treatment center on March 17, 2014, after the passing of his father, Allen G. Rikke, Sr. ("Big Al"), on November 7, 2013. It was at the Hospital that night, while saying good-bye to Big Al, that he decided to take action and do something that he is very passionate about. That is to help people and do it in a healthy living capacity. That is O3ZONE.


As a former top-level college football player, Mr. Rikke believes in the importance of healthy living. This includes the proper diet, exercise, and rest/recovery programs. As people age, their ability to cope and/or recover from post-workouts, post-work stresses, and post-medical procedures diminishes greatly with each passing year after age 30. He believes that everyone can live better and healthier lives with consistent ozone steam sauna therapy sessions. However, the benefits of ozone therapy don't just stop with post-anything. They are also very beneficial for preventative maintenance. As a result, Mr. Rikke brings you this awesome power of holistic therapy. This is O3ZONE. 


Finally, Mr. Rikke is a survivor of premature birth of almost 3 months. When his situation looked bleak, doctors had no recourse but to incubate him in an environment of, you guessed it, 100% pure oxygen. Without this life-giving element, Mr. Rikke would not be here today. Oxygen. We all need it to survive. Ozone is supercharged Oxygen. Welcome to O3ZONE!

O3zone Therapy Services
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As of April 1, 2019, O3ZONE Therapy Services, Inc is now practicing at the Dr Mila McManus, MD Building. Dr. McManus is a pioneering functional medicine doctor, who totally believes in the awesome power of ozone therapy. Please call or text NOW for a FREE consultation:
O3ZONE - Allen Rikke, Certified Ozone Therapist (COT)

Staying healthy is easy when your immune system is operating at optimum levels. But what happens when you're in pain, you're feeling rundown (stressed), or you're suffering from a headache or a number of other ailments despite your best efforts to stay healthy? Try something natural. Try ozone.


Ozone therapy is one of the most powerful elements on the planet and among all therapies known today. Ozone therapy can specifically help you have increased oxidative influence on the oxygen metabolism (enhanced ATP production), have increased antioxidant enzymes in the body, and have an increase in the activation of immuno-competent cells to stimulate the immune system. Other benefits: Exhibits a strong germicidal effect, very useful for killing bacteria, viruses, and fungi.*


*To better understand the tremendous benefits of ozone therapy and the extensive research on the subject, click here.


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