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Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy is simply one of the most effective and efficient methods for detoxifying and oxygenating the body. It is widely used around the world and works by addressing the root cause, by supporting the body's immune system, and by enhancing all metabolic processes at the cellular level.

Allen founded O3ZONE on October 17, 2013. After the passing of his father, Allen Sr, he decided to take action and do something that is one of his passions. He founded O3ZONE to help people take control of their own health and wellness through consultations and employing ozone therapy. After over 11 years in business and a plethora of success stories, he knows what he is doing. Ozone therapy is not as easy as one might think it is after perusing the internet. Experience matters.


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As a former D-I college football player, Allen believes in the importance of a healthy lifestyle. This includes consistent diet, exercise, and recovery programs. As people age, their ability to cope with and recover from activities, exercise, medical procedures, and everyday stress diminishes significantly over time. Allen believes that everyone can live better and healthier lives with consistent usage of ozone therapy. Allen has extensive knowledge surrounding diet, exercise, recovery, and ozone therapy. Go see ALLEN!
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