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Ozone therapy is cumulative in nature, and you have to be consistent with its use. In the beginning, it's recommended to do ozone therapy at least 2 days per week, for 8 weeks. We then evaluate your condition, based on how you feel, as well as after test results from blood work (if applicable). Going forward, employing ozone therapy once per week is a great protocol for preventative maintenance and overall health and wellness.



The "DetoxU" Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Protocol should be an integral part of any detoxification program. The sauna increases the eliminative, detoxifying and cleansing capacity of the skin by stimulation of the sweat glands and also promotes healthy skin tone and texture due to increased blood circulation.



The "MaintainU" Ozone Steam Sauna Therapy Protocol is a maintenance program for healthy skin, for stimulation of the body's immune system, and for maintaining higher levels of fixed oxygen in the bloodstream.

Ozone Steam Sauna
$60/25 min

Ozone Therapy Memberships

Ozone Steam Sauna
$40/25 min

$260/month member (single)
$520/month member (couple)

2 sessions per week, no carryovers, prepaid


Ozone Ear or Water


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