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- Ozone is first discovered by C.F. Schoenbein in 1840 in Germany.
- Ozone is successfully utilized all around the world for over 100 years.
- Ozone, or "Activated Oxygen", is used to help treat all types of conditions.
- Ozone has helped all infections, arthritis, Lyme disease, cancer, COVID, and AIDS.
- Ozone has zero side effects or contraindications and is proven safe for all people.
- Ozone is also an excellent protocol for athletes for improved endurance, performance, and faster recovery times (ATP/KREBS Cycle).


O3ZONE Success Stories

Jacob (Lyme Disease)

I have always had trouble with ADHD, insomnia, and depression... Ozone is an extremely powerful tool... It was the jump start to getting my life back. This stuff works!

Beverly (Cancer/Chemo)

I highly recomment ozone therapy to anyone recovering from chemo therapy treatments. Definitely improved my overall health.

Megan (HPV)

...As far as my HPV, I could actually see and feel it disappearing each and every time I went... Ozone Therapy truly helped me get get my life back.

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